BC NDP candidate for Parksville-Qualicum looking to use experience as town councillor in provincial politics


The Parksville-Qualicum candidate for the BC NDP hopes to use his experience as a town councillor to help him serve the community as an MLA.

Adam Walker said he learned the importance of building partnerships and collaborations and this will be valuable in his endeavour into provincial politics.

“As we work towards recovery, a lot of the projects that the provinces are undertaking will require partnership with local government and the language that local government uses and their priorities are different from that of the province, so understanding both perspectives will be a huge asset as an MLA,” He said.

Walker has lived in the Qualicum area his entire life and operates a small farm with his wife. He said he has been a long-time supporter of the NDP and seeing John Horgan deal with the pandemic got him excited about provincial politics. When he had an opportunity to put his name forward as a candidate, he said he did not hesitate. 

“I really, really enjoyed working with the people in my community and I think that as we look toward recovery that there’s a lot of opportunities that I can bring for our community,” he said.

Primary care is an issue Walker is passionate about locally. He said the NDP committed to investing $4.6 million in primary care networks and this would have a direct impact in Parksville-Qualicum.

“What that will mean is that 12,000 patients in our community will all of a sudden have a primary care provider, so all these people who don’t have a family doctor or who are driving an hour to get to their family doctor will all of a sudden have primary care provider in your community,” he said.

Walker is also concerned with alternate forms of transportation. He would like to use grant opportunities to encourage walking and cycling by connecting communities to make it safer to travel by means other than vehicles.  

“Thats not necessarily a large campaign promise of the BC NDP, but it is something that is being put through one of the grant streams that we’ve currently got in the works,” said Walker.

Campaigning has been a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic, but Walker said he is connecting with voters via phone to have one-on-one conversations. 

“It gives an opportunity to really dive in to more than just one issue and to get an idea of who I am and what I will do for the callers and for the people of our community,” he said.

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